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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2017 6:03pm-6:08pm EDT

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diplomacy and international politics. she spoke earlier this year at the ceremony for the 2017 hillary rodham clinton awards at georgetown university in washington d.c. watch that tonight at 80 strain on our companion network c-span. sunday night on "after words". >> someone likes steve jobs can come and sell these products and forever be associated with it when that's just a shade of the story. he was certainly hands-on and have a lot to do with it, but the truth is, even the iphone, apple never would've happened without scores of people working round-the-clock. >> senior editor on the creation and development of the iphone in his book, the one device. he's interviewed by a new york times writer. >> part of the story is that the iphone was born as the software interaction paradigm was born behind steve jobs back.
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it they started experimenting. it was fun. it was wild kind of stuff. they had this crazy way to hack products together and create what would become the iphone. >> watch "after words" sunday night at nine eastern on the tv. >> sunday on q&a. >> i'm not asking anyone to compromise their values or beliefs, i'm just asking them to open their eyes to other peoples so you can figure out your place in this world. >> brooke limestone. ms. gladstone discusses her book, the trouble with reality. she looks at what constitutes reality today and how that criteria has changed over the
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years. >> i set up at the beginning of the book, our biological wiring. i wanted to show how we have involved a culture that was designed to validate us and not to challenge us. certainly not to contradict us. he gave us the illusion that our realities were watertight when really they were riddled with weak spots in places that would crunch in. >> sunday night at 80 strain on q&a. >> this weekend on c-span three, lectures in history. university of washington. professor compares the 1950s beats an to the 1960s. >> they were veterans of the
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great depression. the hippies for the optimistic children of the baby boom generation and the rising of the postconsumer world. >> 30 years ago oliver north appeared before the house and senate committees investigating the iran contra affair. >> american people are not to be believed by the way you are asking that question. are you intentionally deceiving the american people. the effort to conduct these covert operations was named in such a way that our average adversaries will not have knowledge of them. that is not wrong. reporter: sunday at noon, ron paul for the consequences of america's post-world war ii security state.
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>> the people who like authoritarianism to tell people what to do, they know it's illegal for an individual to go into your house and take what they want. fortunately that moral standards still exists. you can't take from people. it's not illegal for the government to do it. >> for our complete american history tv schedule go to >> now a discussion on the separation of church and state. from today's "washington journal", it is a half hour. >> we welcome back to our desk the executive director of american united for separation of church and state. there was a case in


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